How She Started

Who is the face behind Matters and solutions?

You’ll discover Angela Kelly, a dynamic and charismatic individual born in London, UK of humble beginnings. She wears many hats and engages in several areas of service including being an Inspector of Human Rights for The Organization for Human Rights Defence UK, of which she holds the office of General Secretary. She is a certified, licensed Energy Practitioner and Transformational Coach residing and working in the state of Florida USA.

Angela knows that we all share the desire to live our lives in freedom and with liberty regardless of our various beginnings and degrees of separation. As people of the Americas we’re doing our best with what we have, believe, or know, and in that lies her passionate purposeful driven human experience.

And this is how Angela shows up and out to serve the energetic needs of individuals and groups whether it’s through coaching, teaching, sharing or working in the Ethers. Using energy and intent in many forms, working with sound, vibrations and frequencies, using tools such as the state of the art Bemer (a vascular therapeutic device), the Healy Frequencies for Life range of products, or her tuning or body sound forks, or her ability to access the Akashic records.

Music and the Arts have always been a huge influence in her life, in such a way that sounds and symbolism now have a profound meaningful effect.

Life changed, perspective expanded, language too, and through these years she has gained the tools she needs to begin teaching and assisting others in how to heal self, and to move from what they no longer desire to experience and be in the space they do.
Even now she continues to learn and grow as a spiritual being in today’s world.

Angela has past experience teaching teachers in how to teach students 21st century technology tools as a SMART Certified Master trainer and Certified Technology Specialist. For years in the Insurance Industry she taught and empowered many in how to navigate their Health Care and position toward life products that are of true benefit whilst alive. Life skills were always being put to the test, and her empathic tendencies shone amongst our communities and have affected thousands of individuals and families.

Angela’s life experiences have qualified her to teach, share and empower many souls that are on a journey of self awareness and are taking responsibility for their many successes and failures; their health, wealth and prosperity.

Insured and Licensed Independently by the National Therapies Certification Board and
Certified by SomaEnergetics as a Vibrational Sound Practitioner and Coach,
Angela Enjoys her vocation as a Soul Realignment Practitioner and is Licensed with the Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute.

Wholeness and Vibrations – Welcome to this space! In private practice as the Soul Coach.
Angela now creates Matters and Solutions for you.


2019 has been a year of transformation so far. The transition occurring in the mind are tricky and at times we don’t really know or have people to guide us effectively through certain transformation periods.

Here’s where Angela comes in. Due to her being well versed in alternative therapies, dealing with the subconscious memory, it has made this time frame in my life a lot less stressful. And more so coming into an awareness that is different from the belief systems previously practiced.

Angela has assisted me during transitioning. She offers various healing modalities such as body tuning and Tibetan bowl therapy and for the more advanced lifestyle enhancers services such as property clearing and long distance dousing. Her services come with value and has been worth it: especially because she genuinely cares, her expertise is the icing on the cake.

I highly recommend Angela to anyone looking for a Spiritual life coach/ Energy healer.


Sunrise, FL

Great morning, Angela! It’s no surprise that each time we meet I’m left feeling lifted and invigorated.

Thank you for sharing for the first time ever I feel like it’s ok to really go in on doing my own work of healing. I feel like I’ve got the Universal 👍.
Thank you for the support and encouragement.

Thank you for the accountability and example.


Miami, FL

Hi Angela and thank you for this work you did on my behalf.

I want you to know what a wonderfully positive influence you and your visit to us was. Thank you for everything.

I hope to see you again.


Tuscon, AZ

Greetings Angela, It was a fantastic experience with you, so looking forward to doing it again with my granddaughter.

Great vibes, loving and positive!
Thank you again.


Lauderhill, FL

Been feeling great since the therapy alignment Angela.

Thanks for what you do!


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thank you so much again Angie…so many unanswered questions answered this morning…

I was too relaxed last night so I waited till this morning and I’m glad I did..clarity city!

I did a meditation after that…that’s when things started shifting mentally…


Lakes, FL

Thank you so much. I wish you were staying longer. I really enjoyed the email information and appreciate you completing the cleansing of my house. You truly have a special gift!

I was practicing a song yesterday and for the first time in over a year, I was able to hit all the higher notes. Maybe next year when you come back!

I Thank you for your kindness! ☺️


Tucson, AZ

Angela thank you so much for last night I slept like a baby I really appreciate it, thank you so much.


Lakes, FL

I have felt great all day! And I have you to thank, my 👼 Angel(a)!

I would love for Jamie to come to see you.

So happy to know you, Angela!


Lakes, FL

I was introduced to Angela by a friend November 2018
Since the minute I met her I felt a connection.

I was experiencing lower back pains and anxiety.
A week later I went for a therapy session at her office.
During our sessions her calming and confident personality also helped in soothing my aches and pains.
Her spiritual energy and sound vibrations tools were very therapeutic.

Angela was also able to identify restrictions and blockages instantly spirituality long distance with my sister in England, whom suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Angela was able to identify the source and coached us with remedies that would be beneficial to help heal my sisters condition and bring her in alignment with whom we New she was prior to the manifestation of her experiences of MS.

Angela is a very kind caring and compassionate individual. I have reached out to her several times seeking advice. She is equipped with a wealth of information.



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